Property Management Plan

All applicants must complete an annual Property Management Plan (PMP).  The PMP is important because:

  • It provides details of past, present and future developments on your property;
  • It provides the Pod Peer Review team and/or the Auditor with a detailed insight into your property and your plans for the future;
  • It provides the foundation for evaluating how your property complies with organic standards.

We have adopted a new PMP and Guidance Notes, as well as a records spreadsheet in which you can keep all of your records in one document. The questions in the new PMP haven’t changed, but explanation and other information has put into the separate Guidance Notes document. NCC hopes the documents will be easier to use. All new producer members should use the new forms. NCC recommends that when existing producer members complete their next annual renewal, they use the new forms. 

– PMP Processor Form here: OFNZ – PMP Processor

The Property Management Plan is available in PDF or Microsoft Word:

OFNZ Revised Property Management Plan v2017 (pdf)

OFNZ Revised PMP v2017 (word doc)


OFNZ – Property Management Plan Guidelines v2017 (pdf)

OFNZ – PMP Guidelines v2017 (doc)

OFNZ – Records Spreadsheet v2017 (xls)

OFNZ – Hot Composting Guide v2010 (pdf)

Compliance Procedures

– OFNZ – Compliance Procedures v2010.doc (word doc)

– OFNZ – Compliance Procedures v2010.pdf (pdf)

Operational Guidelines

– OFNZ – Operational Guidelines v2010.doc (word doc)

– OFNZ – Operational Guidelines v2010.pdf (pdf)

Restricted Inputs

Accurate records of all off-farm inputs are a requirement of certification. Most OFNZ producers have relatively few inputs. The purpose of recording them is to ensure compliance with the production standards – namely that products/goods/things brought onto your property are organic friendly and do not compromise your organic status.

OFNZ – Restricted Inputs Application Form – Feb09.doc (43 KB)

OFNZ – Restricted Inputs Application Form – Feb09.pdf (15 KB)

OFNZ – Off Farm Inputs Schedule.doc (129.50 KB)

OFNZ – Off Farm Inputs Schedule.pdf  (18.21 KB)

OFNZ – Supplier Declaration Form.doc (117.50 KB)

OFNZ – Supplier Declaration Form.pdf (20.49 KB)