Field to Feast Organics

We are Gianni and Loraine and together we own and operate Field to Feast Organics, a certified organic market gardens business. All year round we grow a wide variety of fresh, seasonal organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. Our produce is currently certified with OFNZ under Bio-Gro standards.

Our desire to grow fresh, nutritious organic food stems from our philosophy that healthy soils free of chemical residues, pesticides and herbicides is the starting point to healthy food and a thriving and bio-diverse ecology.  So we choose to grow according to certified organic standards to guarantee that our produce that you and your family are consuming is free of harmful chemical inputs.

Our farm is located in Swannanoa, North Canterbury.  We supply most of our produce locally to organic outlets in Christchurch such as Liberty Market and Pikos and you can find us at the Ohoka Farmers Market on Fridays and at Downtown Farmers Market on Sundays in Christchurch central city.


Contact us at:


Mobile Gianni: 027 501 9403

Mobile Loraine: 021 352 332

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