Happy Haven

My parents and I bought our little piece of paradise in 2004.  At the time it was a couple of paddocks with an open ditch running through, on the outskirts of Rangiora.  My parents love to garden and so built a house and created a large flower garden based around what is now a pond and tiny stream.  I wanted to grow organic vegetables and have been fully certified with OFNZ since 2008.

Everything done at Happy Haven is designed to grow the most delicious and nutritious veges, while protecting and enhancing the environment.

This is done through some key practices:

  1. Maintaining humus (the ultimate source of all our food supply) and soil health, through pasture and leys of clover and herbs.  These are part of a sustainable rotation with the vegetables and are grazed by sheep.  The sheep also love eating any spare veges they can get!
  2. Balancing soil nutrients to maximise soil life and to optimise the healthful nutrition of vegetables, using helpful fertilisers.
  3. A wetland area and habitats to attract birds and insects.
  4. Protecting soil and fossil fuels by minimising cultivation.
  5. Conserving water resources by limiting irrigation and using soil water conservation techniques.
  6. Using heirloom varieties whenever possible.  These are usually more nutritionally dense and contain nature’s genetics for future generations.
  7. Supplying local organic vegetables to the Canterbury area!


Learning the art of growing is a fun, exciting and lifelong challenge!

Canterbury Organic is a close, local community.  We are always happy to help out new growers.


Raymond Garb.

Tel : 027 208 5199

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