Kokalito Fine Foods

What is Kokalito

Kokalito Fine Foods is a family-based grower and producer of organic vegetables and specialty foods, which we supply to restaurants, catering companies and the retail market. Our mission is to provide customers with nutritious, high quality produce that has been grown and processed with the environment in mind.

The Kokalito farm is a productive oasis in eastern Golden Bay. Nestled among shelterbelts of mostly native shrubs and trees it hosts one of New Zealand’s largest European Plum plantations, plus a variety of organically grown crops such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, onions and other cash crops. Our most recent addition to the farm is a growing flock of Wiltshire sheep helping us to keep the grass down and producing excellent meat.

Their prunes, vegetable and nut crops are fully Certified Organic. Kokalito has gained a reputation for the quality and flavour of their products and for customer service. Prompt delivery, personal contact and the preparation of custom-made batches for bigger clients have been key to establishing a loyal clientele.

As small artisan food producers we have the flexibility to respond to individual requests, which we find very satisfying and gives us plenty of opportunities to further develop our range of products.


The Kokalito team

Since the early days, Kokalito has been developed with the view of running it as a family enterprise. Our daughters have been involved from a young age in shaping the farm as it is today and are now taking on more prominent roles since completing university degrees and now being young mothers.

While we all have different areas of responsibilities and expertise, we are able to support each other in most roles. We share a passion for good food and enjoy experimenting with dishes prepared from our own produce, for our own pleasure and as inspiration to our customers.


For further info please visit our website www.kokalito.co.nz of email us at finefoods@kokalito.co.nz  – 03 525 8506.  We love hearing from you, either as a customer, or another grower wishing to make contact

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